Final Projects

For my logo design, I did an E-Sports team. What my logo is, is an eagle which represents courage and the word courage attached to the logo. The stars represent each team member as there would be a team of five. The reason I chose to do this is because i’ve been in the process of making an actual E-Sports team for the summer, and I love the idea of a team built around the idea of unity and courage.

As for my minimal poster, I did the movie Sicario. What this is, is the border scene where the agents are stuck in the five black Tahoes in the middle of traffic that is at a complete stop and the people trying to kill them

are in a green car and a red car placed randomly near the trucks. The reason I chose to do this movie and this scene is because I love the movie and that scene gave me the same feeling that Jaws gave me when the famous “duh-nuh” music started to play, it’s just a level of suspense that I haven’t gotten from a film in a long time.